As promised, I have a bunch of new pictures today of my Golden Tee cabinet that I picked up over a month ago and of the Centipede cabinet that I picked up last week. First up, the Golden Tee cabinet. For anyone interested in the story behind this cabinet, check out my last post on this topic, A New Addition, A Project Revisited.  Once you see the pictures, I think you’ll agree that for $20, with a working 25″ monitor, this was definitely a great deal. 

The cabinet was complete when I picked it up.  It had an old Golden Tee Fore control panel overlay on it that had seen better days.  I removed the control panel overlay and the control panel itself is not pictured in any of the pictures.  It is in my workshop where I am filling some holes and prepping it for the additional buttons necessary in a Golden Tee 2005 cabinet.  I created a new overlay from scratch, also detailed in my last post.

The cabinet, cosmetically is in decent shape.  There is a big hole in the front portion where a bill acceptor used to be and a broken piece of wood that has been semi-repaired on the top, near the marquee.  My odds of finding an affordable bill acceptor are slim to none, so I’ll probably place a piece of scrap wood over the hole and fill it with bondo.  If that doesn’t work, I can always throw another coin door on that side of the cabinet, although I probably wouldn’t wire it up.  The broken piece of wood held together with brackets and what appears to be epoxy can be repaired with a form and some Bondo.

Cabinet Front Cabinet Left Side Cabinet Right Side
Cabinet Back Cabinet Hole Cabinet Top Damage

Eventually, I will take the Golden Tee 2000 board out of this cabinet and put my working Golden Tee 2005 board and hard drive in.  Those parts are currently being stripped from the All American Football cabinet.  There is plenty of room inside the cabinet to mount additional boards so I will eventually add a jamma switcher and World Class Bowling at a minimum.  Right now, I can easily swap between the Golden Tee 2005 board, Golden Tee 2002, Golden Tee 2000 and World Class Bowling although it will be a manual switch-out of the boards.  With a jamma switcher, you can press a certain button combination and automatically switch between the boards.

I have a brand new Happs 3″ trackball that will also be put into the machine.  The trackball pictured below is working, so I will keep it around as a spare.  Hopefully the mounting holes line up. The marquee is going in the garbage. I have a Golden Tee 2002 marquee that I will use as a replacement.

Monitor Back Coin Door - Inside  /></a> <a class=Power & PCB
Trackball Marquee

The short term plan is to get the Golden Tee 2005 board and hard drive into this machine, run some additional wiring, apply the control panel overlay  and get it up and running.  The long term plan is to repair the damaged areas which will probably require a repainting of the entire cabinet.  I have too many other projects right now to worry too much about the cosmetic appearance of this one.  Just wait until you see the Centipede cabinet!